What is BizBudg, who should use it, why should they use it and how to use it, is all covered in the webinar below. Including registration in minutes and budgeting and forecasting a few minutes after that!!
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BizBudg runs regular Webinars so you can see how BizBudg works and ask questions:

The next scheduled webinars are on the following dates:

   Friday 17th October, 2014 11:00am (GMT +10) AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time Australia)

   Tuesday 28th October, 2014 7:00am (GMT +10) AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time Australia)

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Webinar Details Webinars involve logging onto a demonstration, via the internet to view use of BizBudg software on a remote computer.
Logging in requires the use of free software which only takes a few moments to activate.
Users are anonymous, but can ask questions via chat.
You can log on or off at anytime throughout the presentation.
The presentation usually lasts for around 20 minutes.

Alternatively, you can view a previous Webinar above

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