Not For Profit

The Not For Profit sector has it's own unique challenges and requires planning that is transparent and appropriate, yet affordable.

BizBudg is the ideal solution to rpovide your organisation with a proven alternative to spreadsheets which frees up staff, time and add great value to your budget process, even extending capability to related tasks. Benefits include:

Affordable - solutions for less than you would think
Decentralise the process - Easy for all staff to use
Ownership - managers can understand and take ownership of budgets
Transparency - view all levels of the organisation
Manage Change - become proactive in financial decision making rather than reactive
Progress - Monthly forecasting process takes minutes to add value to your information
Reports - formatted Executive/Board reports that are instant
Live Financial Statements
NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme chart of accounts and service inputs
Independence - No need to rely on consultants as you will understand what you are doing

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